To succeed today, even small businesses must perform on a larger scale. Customers expect a caliber of service that is no longer dictated by size. Your challenge: equip your company to take on big business whenever and wherever it can. It’s time to get tough. Time to get real. But no time to break the bank. Samsung technology answers the call.

The OfficeServ 7030 exemplifies Samsung’s commitment to customer choice and affordability. Unlike the preconfigured systems on the shelves at local retailers, it is flexible enough to enable any combination of Samsung’s wired and wireless handsets, IP phones, and digital telephones. And since it supports the latest SIP service technology, you can take advantage of mobility features that keep you in touch even when you’re out of the office. Not to mention the return on investment–SIP can also help you save on your monthly phone bills.

You shouldn't have to be a big corporation to benefit from big technology. That’s Samsung’s belief. Which is why the OfficeServ 7030 optimizes staff performance with such productivity-enhancing features as Auto Attendant, Caller ID with name and number, Uniform Call Distribution (UCD), Call Sequencing, Call Recording and more.

Basic Features
· Accommodates a wide range of digital, IP, and wireless phones to suit your business needs
· Caller ID with name and number
· Full-featured Auto Attendant
· Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) and Call Sequencing for efficient call handling

Advanced Features
· Affordable voicemail with email gateway to deliver voice messages to your MS Outlook Inbox (optional)
· SPNet enables networking to other OfficeServ platforms at remote offices
· OfficeServ Connect allows your desk phone and mobile phone to ring simultaneously, optimizing staff mobility on and off premises
· Supports VoIP technology and cost-saving SIP trunking, which reduces recurring phone company charges and offsets the costs of the system
· Enhances on- and off-site productivity with Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and SoftPhone connectivity, which can turn a laptop into a full-featured phone
· Allows wireless handsets and PDAs to integrate seamlessly with phone system features through Wireless Access Points

Samsung’s mission is to level the playing field for small to midsized businesses by making enterprise-quality telecommunications
technologies more accessible and more affordable. Real choices, real technology, and real service—they all come together to enable you to experience The Samsung Advantage. Let JNC Communications be your guide to Samsung's extensive list of products.

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