NEC takes the lead with state-of-the-art innovations sure to make your business communications more efficient, profitable, and enjoyable. The DSX telephone superior styling is an attractive addition to any work environment. All models feature a built-in speakerphone, two-position angle adjustment, and built-in wall mounting. Enhanced models also offer a backlit display and illuminated dial pad.

Innovations don't stop with the DSX telephones. Right out of the box, the system has a built-in Automated Attendant which can answer incoming calls, play a greeting, and allow callers to dial extensions and departments directly without operator assistance or additional equipment. Also built-in is the ability to record a custom message for callers on hold. DSX is sized right – from the economical DSX-40 to the DSX-80/160. To maintain the value of your investment, all DSX-80 cards can be migrated to the DSX-160. Even when growing from the DSX-40, your investment in IntraMail, programming, telephones, and other station equipment is retained.

· Affordable and Reliable - NEC designed the DSX with affordability and scalability in mind. Since DSX is simple to install and easy to use, the expenses of configuration, programming, and post-installation training are minimized. Over a decade of intense feature development ensures that the core DSX call processing features are mature, efficient, and reliable – yet intuitive and easy to use.

· Now with VoIP - Install DSX IP keysets on-premise in a managed network or off-site in a remote office. Choose between two types of DSX IP extensions: the 34-Button Backlit Display and the 34-Button Backlit Super Display. These feature-rich IP keysets offer the same features as their digital counterparts, have Full Duplex speakerphones, and are quick to set up in an IP environment. Compliant third-party SIP phones, soft phones, and Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs) are also supported.

· IntraMail - The ability to add voice mail is built into the system and only requires a compact flash card to activate. IntraMail is a full-featured Voice Mail Auto Attendant system that will greet and transfer incoming callers and record voice mail messages. With built-in voice prompt guidance in English, Spanish, and French, IntraMail is a great fit in multilingual environments. From 2 to 8 voice mail ports are available and easily upgraded through licensing.

Some advanced features of IntraMail include:
· Message Center – Notify groups of extensions of important messages with visual indication using a message center key.
· Directory Dialing – Dial a name instead of a number to reach your party.
· Message on Hold – Record your own informative company message.
· Caller ID – Caller information is verbally provided with a voice mail message.
· Message Notification – You can receive a call - anywhere - when a new message arrives.
· Conversation Record – Save and record your conversation with the touch of a button.
· Live Call Screening – Listen as callers are leaving you a message and pick up only the calls you want to answer.
· Park and Page – Allows a caller to page you without operator assistance. You can pick up the call from any extension.

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