Watch live surveillance video streams - fast & simple.

Have you ever wondered what was going on in your house while you were away at work? Maybe you’re going on a vacation and are concerned about the security of your home. Do you ever wonder how your babysitter is treating your kid while you’re out at dinner? Perhaps you just want to know what your child is doing in their room upstairs. Well with the new security camera phone viewer, you can be Big Brother!

One of the most convenient characteristics of cell phones is their small, modular, portable size. With the new technologies enabled in these handy instruments, such as internet connections and cameras, I propose a service that enables cell phones to receive images from web cam like devices. This service is a portable security camera viewer, so you can keep an eye on things while you’re away. A camera (or set of cameras) sends its images via satellite to a corresponding cell phone (or cell phones), so its images can be viewed anytime, anywhere.

This service is a convenient way to keep surveillance on things, and does not require any additional equipment other than a camera and a phone. No video tapes or bulky TV monitors are needed; you can just turn on your phone and see the video. This new, easy, convenient method of supervision will give you peace of mind while you’re away. No one will ever suspect you’re viewing anything with its discreet, tiny viewing device that is cleverly disguised within your cell phone (as your cell phone).


  • Stream live video directly from your security devices
  • Remain secured with username/password authentication
  • Full control of PTZ cameras
  • Application does not connect to third party servers
  • Take snapshots of live streaming video
  • Landscape and portrait mode
  • Change IP information to connect to any device in real-time
  • Support of 32-ch DVR